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Pine Creek Dayhike

Story lines. How to present the days happenings?   I sorted through images from the other day to see where they might lead.
The underlying theme for the day was one of sheer beauty.  What a day.  It was another day for a high country hike.  I stretched the distance.  Now up to five miles.  This one, about 3400 feet elevation gain too.  Its not the longest hike, but with the vertical involved, its not a casual stroll.
First up, Pine Creek Falls.  It was quiet this early.  Later, it gets busy with day hikers wanting for a photo.  Not surprisingly, I was the first one on the trail.  Then again, not too many folks are up at three.

The Pine Creek area burned in 2012.  The fire took out a goodly amount of timber in the drainage, leaving charred tree skeletons.   A dense undergrowth of vegetation carpeted the formerly vacant  forest floor. Remove the tree canopy, let the light in, and stuff grows.  Bedstraw, arnica and spirea flowered profusely.  Their white or yellow flowers contrasted sha…

Sheep Lake Hike

Nice one today.  Up at four, dawdled 'til 5:30.  Decided that the feet might be up for a hike.

I've been wanting to get a look at Sheep Lake in the Lionshead country for a long time. It's a nice drive along the Madison River to the trailhead near Raynolds Pass. Hit the trail by 7:45 a.m.

Last nights rain left the trailside vegetation pretty drippy.  It wasn't long before I was thoroughly soaked.  My boots squished audibly with each step.  I wouldn't have been any wetter had I hiked naked.  But, the sight of a skinny white guy high stepping it up the trail clad only in hiking boots would likely have traumatized the local wildlife.  Common sense, along with the fact that I haven't yet lost my mind, dictated that the hike continue in sodden clothing.
Seriously though, it's a pretty hike.  There are a few stream crossings.  Several bridges span the creek, so one needn't get wet feet.  The exception is the aforementioned drippy vegetation.
There are a coup…