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This falls under the category of "Blast from the past".  Not fishing or outdoors related.

We drove out to Willow Creek last evening for dinner at the Willow Creek Cafe and Saloon.  It was the belated celebration of a life (Pop passed away before Christmas).  We polished off orders of what we concluded were the best baby back ribs that we've had, followed by a decadent dessert that we didn't need. We discussed roots, family, health and healthy habits, among other topics.  This, while eating ourselves into a stupor.  I think that we ensured the financial security of the local cardiology group.

The discussion eventually turned to the topic of music.  Bands, favorites.  Our limited consensus for greatest album of all time….Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

Favorite group?  For my brother Andy…. The Moody Blues.  For Jo, the Eagles.  Me, no clue, I'm still thinking about it.  Aerosmith, Queen, Creedence.

I remarked that the first rock concert that I attended was a …