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I fished yesterday, the day before too.  Hoping to get in on a straggler PMD hatch, I got Tricos instead.  I ended up swinging a soft hackle.  The fish liked it. 
Yesterday, I was up at dawn, feeling my way to the river through the smoke.  The water looked good.  No bugs though.  Well of course not, it was too early.  No matter.  A few inviting runs begged for a streamer.  All I had was my three weight.  Oh, what the hell.  I found a streamer leader tapered with ten pound Maxima.  A single, lowly conehead muddler was keeping the Humpy's company in a dry fly box.  I tied it on.  This is what I got.....

Then the fishing got good.........

Tale Of The Big Brown

A little drive this morning.  Today would be a streamer day.  Browns like 'em.  I use a simple rig.  A short length of straight eight.  Pound test Maxima that is.  No 6X today.  Yay!  Tie on a cone head muddler.  That's it.
I like casting streamers on small streams.  A short cast to this bank or that.  Flip it under an overhanging branch.  No dummy!  Under the branch, not into it!  Oh well, all in a day of fishing.
One thing about small streams.  The fish will show themselves.  Invariably, if they show, and don't grab the fly, they won't come back.  Funny thing about fishing streamers.
Today, the fish were scarce.  Not many follows.  Few takers.  A few made it to the net.  Juicy looking pools that are usually good for a fish or two, yielded none.  
I was about halfway through the morning itinerary of pools.  And, I'd just worked through another, this one also apparently fish-less.  Then, a big splash upstream.

I turned in time to see the disappearing tail of a


Admit One

I got a late start today, I knew that it would warm slowly.  High winds were forecast too.  I made the drive anyway, figuring that I could always do the Livingston fly shop tour if I got blown off the water. 
It was blowing in town.  And…it was blowing where the creek entered the Yellowstone.  When I arrived at the "Big House", I expected whitecaps.  Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad.  Betty was waiting for me at the door.  New Years Day was  a busy one on the creek she said.  Lots of anglers.  Today, I'd be the only one.  At least so far.
It was thirty-one degrees at 9:30 a.m.  Overcast.  Snow hung low over the Absarokas.

No hurry today.  Just the way I like it.  I got settled in and built a fire in the barrel stove.  Chunks of snow from the boots of the previous days anglers were frozen to the floor of the hut.  So, I did a little housekeeping and swept the floor.  
With the chill off, it was time to get rigged.   The fish probably saw a little of everything to star…

Some Days

Some days are like this…..

But they get better…..

On this particular day I set out hoping to find some rising fish.  It was a beautiful evening, calm and overcast. But alas, there were no bugs.  So I was content to roll cast streamers on a short leash. The browns were willing.