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Hopper Time

It's time to take a break from shoveling snow.  Time to dream of green grass, warm breezes and summer sun.
So what if it's winter.  It's hopper time.
Time to tie them at least.  Also  time to take a break from tying midges.  Imagine that, something big enough to see without an electron microscope.
I don't fish terrestrials much, other than the occasional beetle.  But, as far as hoppers go, this is my favorite.  Excepting the rubber legs, its all natural.  Just elk hair and turkey.
The pattern goes by a couple of names.  Bullet  head hopper.  Mike Lawson's Henry's Fork hopper.
No need to reinvent the egg, so I won't.  Here are a few links which detail the tying steps excellently:
This site has animations of the tying steps.....bullethead hopper by a fellow named Derek Porter.
Al Campbell at Fly Anglers On Line offers a slightly different version of the Henry's Fork Hopper.
The main difference between the two versions is in how the abdomen is tied in.  …

No Clue...

I tied a few of these a couple of weeks ago.  Not sure what I ended up with.  It's nothing unique, just another soft hackle, something that I rarely fish.  But, if a person intends to fish the Firehole, they'd better have some soft hackles.  No hatch?  Soft hackle.  It's the law.  I checked the Park regulations.  I'm kidding of course.
Regardless, the intent here was to imitate some stage of the white miller caddis.  It's pretty simple.  A blob of antron for a shuck, roughly wrapped thread body, hare-tron thorax, partridge hackle.  Do soft hackles have shucks?  Maybe it would be better fished as an emerger?  With a dab of floatant, maybe even as a PMD cripple?  Or, maybe it's just another fly tying disaster gone awry....