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Mind, Body, Spirit

I went for a jog this morning. Just to get it done and out of the way so I could justify the rest of the day.  There was a time when I ran, a lot.  But, the persistent pavement pounding took a toll on my knees.  I eventually gave it up.  My exercise routine was eventually replaced with a ski machine (ok), an exercise bike (so-so), Bowflex and light free weights.  Better than nothing but mentally vacant. Last year, I bought a pair of running shoes.  Now, I run once, maybe twice a week, just for a little variety. Any more and my knees remind me of the past.  Given a choice, I prefer hiking, it's like an outdoor stair stepper with visual stimulation.

I took this quirky little test… to find out what I already knew... neither exists without the other
Are You Mind, Body, or Spirit?

You Are Body You're the type of person who doesn't feel good mentally unless you feel good physically.
Whenever you're feeling frustrated or depressed, you get moving. It does wonders for you.

You bel…


I'm not sure where this blog thing will go or what it will look like.  I'll keep it simple for now.

I've got many interests.  To borrow from Anthony Bourdain's intro on his show No Reservations....... I hunt, fish, hike and I'm hungry for more.

For many years my outdoor activities were pretty much centered around hunting.  Sheep hunting became a passion.  It was a bad habit, but it forced me to stay in shape and employed.  After all, one must pay for his vices.

About ten years ago the flame that was my passion for hunting began to flicker.  I knew that I'd eventually get back into flyfishing.  I didn't expect it to come so quickly or completely.  Three years ago I hung up my rifle.

Coincidental to my renewed devotion to flyfishing was a niggling interest in fishing for steelhead.  Another bad habit.  Central Montana doesn't offer the most convenient access to steelhead water, but it is within a days drive.  I fished the Clearwater River in Idaho for t…