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Why Wait?

What to do on a cold snowy day before Thanksgiving? Can't do much outside other than take a short walk.  Maybe tie a few flies.  Take a few puppy photos.  Avalanche game tonight.  Until then?  
Well, we're both home. So, we might as well do Thanksgiving today.  That's right, turkey sandwiches tomorrow!
The pie was baked this morning.  Ok, it's a Marie Callender pie.  At least I'll take credit for unwrapping it and turning the oven on.
The potatoes are peeled.  The squash has been gutted.  The turkey has been in the oven for hours.  The plan is to cook it low and slow.  
The turkey wrapper says that the serving size is three quarter to one pound per person. 
Let's see.
Fourteen pound turkey.
Two people. 
That comes to about seven pounds each.
I hope it's enough.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.