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Completing The Picture...

There's a scene that I admire whenever I drive the road that winds along the Lochsa River.
A wooden bridge spans the river and connects to trails that lead to the Idaho backcountry.
There should be a string of packhorses lined out along the bridge.

Back….in more ways than one

We floated the Grande Ronde last year.  We had such a good time that we had to go back.  As per usual, it was an outstanding trip.  The weather was tremendous.  The country…magnificent.  Scott, Dax, Andy and the rest of the Speywater crew are the best.  I'll post about the trip once I sort photos.

Meanwhile, the drive from Lewiston, Idaho to Bozeman is …..well….pretty long.  Slow and windy along the Clearwater.  Then up along the Lochsa to Lolo Pass.  Then down along Lolo Creek and on to Missoula.  Two hundred miles or so of slow going.  We stopped frequently to stretch.

I hesitate to put labels on places.  But the Lochsa, in my opinion, may very well be one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.  I never tire of the long, windy, scenic drive (well, maybe yesterday while fidgeting in the car seat).  It may be where my ashes spend eternity.

The post title?  Well, my back crapped out, big time.  I wonder when I'll next pick up a fly rod.