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Out of whimsy we have this blog, the Ignorant Angler.  Please note that I avoided the Angling Ignoramus.  That's  different.  We wake each day not knowing what the day will bring.  Sure, we may have plans, but the outcome?  Who knows?  Imagine how boring it would be heading to the river and knowing that you would catch some absurd number of trout on every outing (if it's hundreds, let me know).  Or that you would bag a record book something or passle of birds each time out.  There's wonder and surprise in not knowing.  It's a good thing.

In spite of the fishing connotation of the title, like most other outdoorsman, I have other interests.  There was a time when I hunted avidly, so there may be an an occasional hunting story.  As my wife has a pack of Brittanys, there will be some wingshooting and bird dog stuff.  Then too, I hike a lot in the summer and can still manage to strap on a backpack.  Accounts about forays into the high country will show up here too.  And since I usually pack a camera, some of my accumulated photos will find a home here as well.

So, we awake each morning not knowing something.  Hopefully by days end we will have picked up one more tidbit and added it to our knowledge base.  That's life.  Enjoy!


  1. You and your wife have a beautiful life together!

    1. We have our Wabi-Sabi moments. Thanks for the kind words and inspiration.


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