Brown in Black and White

It pains me to do a grayscale conversion.  But, some images just work in black and white.  I shot this over the weekend after an epic day on the water.  Midges in the morning, olives in the afternoon, followed by a nightcap of more midges. This was one of the evening midge eaters.  All were taken topside, with my three weight, at close range.  I just love seeing their mouths open when they inhale a dry, don't you?

This goes out to Bob at Trout on Dries.


  1. Lester
    The 3wt. in my favorite when it comes to fly fishing. The lightness of the fly rod and the presentation of the fly makes it unbeatable. The 3wt. will tests the skill of a beginner and a seasoned angler when landing a trout superior to this type fly rod. Congrats on an awesome trip-----liked the image!!
    No trout fishing here until summer the tailrace is booming high!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bill, I'm a sucker for three weights too. There are folks who will argue otherwise, but line weight is immaterial when it comes down to how fast one can land a fish with fine tippet. But, that's a "discussion" that I'd just as soon not visit.

      We're lucky here, our runoff hasn't started yet. We have had quite a few snowy days though. Hang in there, I'm sure that there's other fishing to keep you occupied.

  2. Les: Trying different ways to post...nice pic.

    1. Thanks Bob, love those black and whites of yours.


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