Grizzly tracks.

 Nothing fires the synapses quite like the sight of those platter sized tracks in the sand.

  Especially when it's just you, and the bear, going in the same direction.  

This bear was on a mission. 

I was too, along this North Slope river.

There were char to be caught, grayling too. 

So, I had to follow.

Not to worry, I was armed with an eight weight.

Say hello to my little friend.



  1. Lester
    You are one determined fly fisherman!! Those tracks seem to support a good size Grizzley. How's the weather there? Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Bill, I didn't get to see this particular bear. Must have had an impressive set of claws from the looks of the tracks. We saw several others during the trip though. Arctic grizzlies are impressive, not the biggest, but with great hair.

    We've had a snowy start to February, on pace to outdo last years. Hope you're doing well.

  3. An impressive set of tracks, Les! What time of year? I think you should have been armed with at least a 9-weight, though...

  4. You're right Walt, a nine weight would have been more intimidating. But, the extra few grains saved allowed me to pack an extra half of a Snickers bar!

    This trip was in the latter half of August, 2011. We had great weather. Still near perpetual daylight too.


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