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I've always thought that no hackle dry flies were, well, beautiful.  Mine aren't as purty as those tied by the fly fishing luminaries, but, there's a remote chance that they might get a sniff.  This one, tied has a mahogany dun, hopefully has a September date with a Henry's Fork rainbow.  In the meantime, I'll continue my torrid tying pace and crank out a couple a day.  The only change is the color of the dubbing and hook size.  So far it's been sixteens and eighteens.  I'd probably need a padded cell if I tried to go smaller.

Interested in tying up a few?  Here's a video of one of the masters tying a no hackle.  I wish that I could tie like Mike.....

Nohackle from Henrys Fork Anglers on Vimeo.


  1. I have a video of Jack Dennis tying the same pattern as well. Mine don't come out too purty like theirs, so I usually stick with CDC. They'll eat that mahogany!

  2. Hey Jim, I'm not surprised to hear that Jack Dennis tied these too. He and Mike were partners in crime on the traveling fly tying circuit. Gary LaFontaine rounded out the trio. How's that for a wealth of fly fishing experience?

    I'm glad that I've got some CDC and sparkle duns to fall back on too.

  3. Lester
    Hats off to anyone that can tie a fly pattern like that. It looks so simple but yet after watching the video, it shows the complexity in tying this pattern. I hope you get the time to give this fly a try. Thanks for sharing

  4. Simple looking and elegant is a good description of these flies Bill. Folks that tie a lot of 'em consistently produce nice ones. I'm not in that category. Still, every so often, I get the wings and overall proportions right. Glad you enjoyed the post and video link.

  5. Les: Elegant fly. Nice photo of it too. I've tied some. Not very good at the pattern.Better when I tie them with web wing. Kudos to you on finished product.

  6. Bob, this was one of the "better ones". Haven't tied any for a while as I've exhausted my limited supply of paired duck quills and I've been to lazy to run by the fly shop for more. So, I'll likely deal with accumulated rust and end up at square one when I resume tying these.

    You tie a good fly too Bob. The fish thinks so and affirm your angling skills.

    I've largely gone AWOL from the blogging world. My apologies for not stopping by and commenting......


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