Where They Live.....

With privilege comes price. 

 The cost?

  A three thousand foot climb.

The reward?

The purest gold in Montana.


Bill Trussell said…
A memorable moment for a seasoned angler----glad you hit gold!!! Thanks for sharing
Lester Kish said…
Thanks Bill. I really appreciate the comment. The moment and opportunity are all the more special considering the accumulated "seasoning".
bob said…
Les: Very special!!! Is there a more beautiful trout? !!!; don't think so...how many can say they caught a golden trout, and in the high country. You must have been elated with landing one.
Lester Kish said…
Bob, they are quite stunning aren't they? Best of all, they willingly ate dries the first day. It's the first time that I'd ever packed fly floatant into the high country. The fly du jour was a little parachute ant.