In between rain drops, a spur of the moment road trip to scratch the fishing itch.  Our local rivers are flooding.  Angling options are few.  With dam discharges on the Bighorn temporarily curtailed to a fishable 6000 c.f.s. this presented a brief window of fishing opportunity. 

The reward for making the drive?

Midges, blue-winged olives and brown trout.  Enough to keep this dry fly fisher happy.


Jim said…
Awesome--in the flood! I hadn't heard they lowered the Horn.
Lester Kish said…
Jim, it was a short lived event. The river was lowered temporarily just to keep from dumping extra water into an already flooding Yellowstone. At least that's my understanding. It's on its way back up now.

It was a short sweet trip. Got to camp and try a new tent. The water was clear, cold, and wadeable. Didn't need much water to get the job done. One sweet spot kept me occupied both days.

Severe thunderstorms rolled through the area on the second night. Not bad where I was camped. But, next morning, roadside fields were flooded and about six inches of water was running over the highway en route to Hardin. Glad I didn't hit that at night.
Glad to hear you made it over there!
Lester Kish said…
Hi Satoshi. Conditions were favorable and I had a couple of days off, so I made a quick trip to Ft. Smith. At 6000 c.f.s. it fished quite a bit different from when you and I went over in early April (when it was flowing at 7500 c.f.s.). I'd like to see it under prime wading conditions (2500 to 5000 c.f.s.).
bob said…
Les: You took advantage of an opportunity and caught some browns...and there were bugs around!...good plan. You also got to break in new tent! Like the look of the Bighorn/ landscape. You are becoming a regular on the "Horn". Nice pics.
Lester Kish said…
Bob, it's pretty country when all "greened up". The northern foothills of the Bighorns add a little topography.

The tent (REI BaseCamp 4) was pretty deluxe. I just need a little more practice to reduce set-up time.

And, there was a pretty fair blue-winged olive hatch the second evening that got the fish interested in feeding on top. All browns. Never saw a rainbow outside of those setting on redds.

Good to hear that you're finally seeing some clear water up your way.
Anonymous said…
Les; Looked up your tent...REI basecamp 4...nice and comfortable the look with the fly on it....
Yes, nice to have some clear water here....not many fishing opportunities this Spring. Looking forward to PMD's.
Lester Kish said…
Bob, I'd used a Eureka Timberline for car camping for years. Great little tent, easy to set up. The tent poles got trashed on two occasions by horrendous wind storms on the Grande Ronde River. I didn't want to buy any more poles, it was time to retire that tired old tent anyway. The Base Camp 4 is a swell car camping tent for one, more than comfortable for two. Not tall enough to stand in, but at least I don't have to get onto my hands and knees to crawl into it. And with the door flap open the vestibule will accommodate a couple of folding chairs. It withstood some wind one evening on the Bighorn. We'll see if it can withstand one of those Grande Ronde williwaws. I'd rather not have to find out though. And the tent was a little more affordable at the recent REI Memorial day sale.

Yes, bring on the PMD's!
Bill Trussell said…
Anytime you can get the take casting the dry is a plus. Awesome work with the camera, showing why I am still the amateur.
I heard you guys still have a lot of snow up high??? Thanks for sharing
Lester Kish said…
Hi Bill. I still fish with a camera draped around my neck. A good deal of photography, much like life, is just about being there. Early and late day light is still the best. Clouds make for an interesting sky. After a while the fish start to look the same. But, I still like to get a few photos of them to add to the record of the day.

And, at this point I'd just as soon wait for the chance to get a dry fly eat. Thanks for the visit.