Silver Creek Mornings.....

Last week it was time for another quick road trip.  Wanting to check out the brown drake hatch, I tried to get to Silver Creek earlier.  They came and went.  I didn't.

So, another good looking weather window opened.  An opportunity to chase clear water, do a little camping.  My tent erecting skills needed the practice.

The best thing about Silver Creek is getting there at sunrise and listening to the birds.  I love watching the hills and valley light up with the first morning rays.  Besides, what else is a guy supposed to do when he gets up at 4:30 and drinks all of the coffee?

First morning.  Blue-winged olives.  A smattering of PMD's.  There was a flight of what looked to be white miller caddis like those seen on the Firehole in Yellowstone.

Fish?  Loads of little ones.  Most chased the white miller.  A few on the olive.  Best fish of the morning was a brown that mouthed a small rainbow.  One credible brown ate the olive but it came loose when it rolled and I couldn't pick up slack quick enough.

I was all jazzed up to slay 'em with the white miller on the second morning.  Unfortunately, they didn't make much of a showing.  Whenever one appeared, it was promptly, and I mean promptly, snatched up by a bird. We're talking seconds, maybe.  Life is a fleeting thing.  The fish never got a look at them. The olives and PMD's took the morning off too.

Not wanting to catch the little ones, I decided not to cast unless I identified a decent fish.  So, I didn't cast.

This became my mantra, except that I ended up watching the habits and peculiarities of lots of little ones.........

I did see one good brown swim by.  I hoped that he would post up against a bank that I'd been watching.  He never showed again.  I figured that he just kept on going.  Maybe he was looking for a shot at a small rainbow.  Maybe a big ugly streamer would have been in order.  But that didn't seem quite right.  On a spring creek?

Such was the trip.  I did see a great little little storm as it blew through the Craters of the Moon.  Everything was so green, fresh.  Damp sage smells great.


  1. Les: Nice writing. White Millers are common on the creek. When I have fished Point of Rocks I'd often see them. Yes, a streamer on Silver Creek doesn't seem quite right. I must confess, however, I've fished a dropper below a dry in desperation. Like that banner pic. It should go side by side with the lone angler waiting for drakes...similar look and feel. Neat you got to the creek. I've never been there for the brown drakes...something I'd like to do one yr.
    Nice post as usual.

  2. Bob, thanks. I've never fished outside of the Nature Conservancy water. I'll have to do more exploring next time. The drakes generate considerable attention, wherever they may be coming off. Seeing them is quite a spectacle, they're so big.

    Good to see that you're getting a few "shots" on your local waters.


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