All Day Long

Some days are tough, the fish tougher.

On spring creeks, it's the season of in between hatches.

The day starts with great promise.

Blue sky.  Warm.  Calm.

It doesn't last.

The bugs fail to make their appointment.  It doesn't matter.  If they show they'd get blown off the water anyway.

Still, one doesn't quit for fear of missing something.  Maybe there will be a window.  An opportunity.

So you persist.

Squalls come through.  As if conditions aren't tough enough already.

But you hang in there.  You've made it this far.

Four o'clock.  Lunch time. 

Can't call it a day yet.  

Maybe the wind will lie down at dusk.

Maybe, anything.  A crumb.

Just one shot.


The sun pops out, now low on the horizon.

What's that? A dimple.  Up against the bank.

The fish eats on the first cast.

A gift.

All day for one shot.

It was worth it.


  1. Lester
    One trout would be a winner any day out your way, coupled with the awesome scenery you are surrounded by. What are the temps during the day out there now?
    Have you ever fished a pattern not related to any hatch that occurs at all there? The pheasant tail size 14 or 16 tungsten beadhead comes to mind. Glad to see you are back posting, thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, most of this is low, clear, slow moving water. So, a pheasant tail without the bead would be more appropriate in most instances. That said, if a guy pounds the water long enough with whatever fly they choose, they'll eventually get a taker. I'm at the point in my fishing career where I'd just as soon get a surface eat, even if it means going without.

      Thanks...and the temps are finally creeping into the 70's. My wife has planted her tomato patch and the lawn mower has been pressed into twice weekly service.

  2. Nice one. I fished Depuys Sunday. Similar, but my eats were before noon, before wind. There were targets on midges.
    Nymph guys were hooked up lots.

    1. Pretty random the day that I was out. Midges were scarce too. Bit of a surprise. But, some days are like that. Glad you got onto a few "across the river".


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