Someone needs to have a talk with that blasted oversized weather forecasting rodent.  You've heard of Phil from Punxsutawney?  Six more weeks of winter he said. 


It's looking more like six months.

Green grass.  In Montana.  In July.  Maybe.

No matter.  I ventured to the creek earlier this week.  Sans rod, I walked a section to check for spawning fish.  Happily, I can report that some of the graveled areas were finally occupied by rainbows going about their business.  A bit further on, a few fish were rising reliably.  That was good enough for me!  I hightailed it back to the car to retrieve fishing tackle.  They were still sipping midges when I returned.  And, they were cooperative too!

They ate these the next day.......



  1. Lester
    I've told you how I wouldn't mind living out west especially Montana, but my only complaint are the harsh winters. What I really need is the funds to own a home there and one in the south. Montana in the summer, and Alabama in winter----were you fishing the midge tight line or indicator? The sipping can drive one nuts, especially if you're having trouble attracting a take; looks like you found the size midge. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I fish a short line, no indicator. If I fish a dropper, the top fly will be a midge dry, sometimes with a visible post. The bottom fly will either be a pupa or emerger. Sometimes I'll fish two dries. On flat water with calm conditions I can often track both specks on the surface. I rarely fish more than twenty feet, that includes line and leader, with the leader being most of it.

  2. Les: Looks like winter still hangin in at the creek....quite a bit of snow. Nice you are catching even with slow spring. like the Hut icicle pic and trout being released pic. Sounds like a nice outing.

    1. Thanks Bob, I hope that our icicle days are done. It was nice to find a few "willing" participants last week. But yes, this "spring" has been the pits. Snow every other day it seems. I will say that today was pretty nice though, low fifties, calm most of the day, picky fish eating tiny midges. Perfect!


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