Few Don't Mean None....

Not much of a steelhead run forecast for the Upper Columbia River tributaries this year.  Maybe the worst in forty years according to some.  But, I went anyway.  

Someone assumed that he'd packed the leader wallet containing tips for his spey rod. Alas, they were four hundred miles away.

I had a back-up.

This fish, the first morning, was caught while swinging a fly on a single handed eight weight.

Luck is a good thing.


Jim said…
Love to hear "single handed!" It lives. So do a few steelhead apparently. Nice combo.
Lester Kish said…
Jim, in spite of the popularity of the "two handers" I don't think that I cover the water any better with them. That's a "me" problem. However, I believe that it's easier to land a fish with the shorter single handers.

Looks like you've made the rounds this fall. Would be nice if the wind would quit blowing.
Anonymous said…
Les: Great looking Steelhead....esp, impressive given the "run" was a trickle. Like the tail shot and grip at time of release. I figured you had gone steel-heading as no spring creek posts on your blog in awhile...nice you caught as you travelled some distance. An annual pilgrimage for you...kind of the steelhead returning.
You left some important gear at home. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who does that.
Lester Kish said…
Bob, the "tail shot" is about all I can handle with a steelhead, what with trying to keep them wet with one hand and hanging onto and trying to focus the camera with the other.

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, but yes there's been no spring creek excursions. I plan to start next week if the wind lets up.

I had my heart set on fishing for steelhead with a single hander. Forgetting some vital equipment made gear selection easy. Catching one was a bonus.
rivertoprambles said…
I like a single-handed 8-weight, myself. And nice tailing it there, Les. It's hard to get a picture of a big fish without injuring it, so this rainbow surely appreciates a partial view, and we can imagine the rest. Good going!
Lester Kish said…
Walt, our imaginations keep us returning to the stream, hoping for moments like this. And, from your recent post, you've done quite well with your single hander. Those salmon can give a guy a workout!