All Together Now....

Mid-October on the prairie. Clouds and sky make a perfect backdrop.

This year, the birds, like steelhead, were scarce, but not nonexistent.

Here, the girls take a break.  Note the attentiveness (of the dogs). 

No food bribery involved.


  1. Lester
    Oh, how this post brings back memories of my bird hunting days with my liver and white pointer----hope you have a successful bird season out there.

    P.S. My back is much better after the second Epidural, the first didn't work for me.

    1. Bill, glad to hear that your back has improved. I can certainly relate.

      Maybe you should do a flashback post about you and your pointer just for old times sake?

  2. Les: Great pic...composition and the grasslands.

    1. Bob, on a bright day the grasslands can be awfully nice, much like your haunts in southern Alberta. But, as you well know, the same country on a gray, blustery, rainy or snowy day can be plain old awful.


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