It's A Long Way To The Top...If You Want To Catch A Fish

Hot.  Dry.  Smoky.  Summer.

I woke to a hint of frost the past two Sunday's, camped as I was high in the mountains.  It didn't last long.  The frost was gone with the first touch of sun. 

I backpacked both weekends just to see if I still could.  Just to see if I still enjoyed it.  And to be in the high country. 

I missed the simplicity of camp life. 

Wherein life is reduced to the barest of essentials.

Find a nice level spot.  Pitch the tent.  Fetch water.  Take in the view.  Just be.

I needed to check on the last of the flowers.  And catch a few fish.


  1. Les: Looks like you can still hike in the high country; you did it. Like that headline pic...shadow in forefront and mountain in light.

    1. Bob, I expected a lot more residual pain and discomfort considering how little I'd done this summer. So yes, I was quite pleased. I'm already hopeful for next summer.

      The lead photo is an early evening shot from camp. Quite a piece of rock isn't it? The meadow in the foreground was a beautiful place to pitch a tent. I shared it with a cow moose one evening.

  2. Les, You picked an awesome spot to prove you've still got what it takes. The spare but colorful beauty of the images really complements the camping effort!

    1. Walt, I'd like to go back when the fish are bigger, let's say in around three years. I'm afraid that the final haul up to the lake might prove too challenging. But, as you mentioned, I've got some nifty photos to look back on. Glad you liked the images, and you done good on your swing through Montana!

  3. Lester
    Snow on the mountain, what was the elevation at the campsite? When do you guys get your first snow? I would assume a dry was the fly that got the trout's attention. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I base camped at around 8,800 feet and day hiked from there. It was nice when I got up to the lakes but the breeze soon kicked in and made it feel much cooler. I'm glad that I'd packed along a fleece pullover and windbreaker.

      Occasionally, a fish would rise near the windward shore. But, I fished a small bead head prince twitched back slowly. I think that the fish were responding the the flash from the bead.

      It can snow anytime. Realistically though, one should look forward to the possibility of high country snow anytime after mid-September.


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