Last Minute Substitution

I didn't need the alarm this morning, I was up at 3:30.  Maybe I was excited to get out and go fishing.  I nursed a pot of coffee for a couple of hours. When I started the second pot, I knew that I wasn't getting anywhere.  Motivation?  Well, I got up didn't I?  I just couldn't bring myself to make the drive to the Park.  You see, the fishing season in Yellowstone was to open today.  With high water everywhere I had visions of hoards of anglers pounding the few trickles with any visibility.  At 6:30, I made a big breakfast.  A guy can get mighty hungry procrastinating.

So, I took a little hike instead.  I'd made a dry run earlier in the week with just a fanny pack.  I was surprised to find open water.  Naturally I'd neglected to bring the fly rod.


Different story today.  I had my pack, camera, rod, some munchies.

It was a little breezy when I arrived at the lakeshore.  I promptly rigged up and caught a couple on a Zug Bug.  Then, thinking that the fish needed a little additional visual stimulation,  I switched to a small leech.  That was the ticket.  I caught all that I wanted in an hour.  By then my hands were thoroughly frozen from immersion in the cold lake water.  Note to self.  Don't catch so many.  Better yet, next time bring hemostats.  

And so, the reward for the day?  A little exercise in the form of a tune up hike, a few photos, and, some of the prettiest, black spotted rainbows to be caught anywhere.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Maybe I should procrastinate more often....


  1. Lester
    BIG----difference in the color of the wild bows as opposed to the stocker ones---the color on that rainbow is so pronounced, probably one of the prettiest I've seen. Were all trout taken on nymphs or did you fool some with a dry? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, nothing doing on top, the water was way too cold. Most of the fish ate a small black leech. The fish is representative of most in the lake. Some are even darker and have gill plates that border on purple. Thanks, and happy Memorial Day...

  2. Nice photos from this outing, Les. I don't think I've ever seen so many black dots on a rainbow before.

    1. Thanks Walt, it was a nice quick outing. It's still a little early up in the high country. Most of the trees and bushes are just starting to break dormancy. So, few flowers yet. The fish though, are always pretty. In my mind they are the Montana version of an Alaskan leopard rainbow.


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