Kirk Hill

I refer here to the natural area, not the guy.  

Us fisherman need to stay in shape, sniff a few posies too.  Fact is, with high water, our mid-May fishing options are limited. We still need to get out of the house, get a little air and stretch the old legs. 

Kirk Hill is a short low elevation hike near Bozeman.  It's a popular nature and wildflower hike.  Trail runners like it too.  I got reacquainted with this trail yesterday.

With the cool wet spring that we've had, we're relatively early into green-up.  But, there's still lots of early season flowers for us naturalist types.  Here then are the common ones, along with a few sights from along the trail.....

On a personal note, back in my college days, that being the 1970's, I took an ecology class from one Dr. Don Collins.  We took several field trips that fall, one of which was to Kirk Hill.  The class arrived at the trail head one lovely afternoon and proceeded to march up the trail.  Here and there, Don would pause and point out something of interest to us budding ecologists.  At one point he stopped  and was interrupted by a ruffed grouse that flushed at his feet.  Don, outdoorsman that he was, promptly went into action.  There was a whole lot of arm flapping and some sputtering.  He got a few feathers out of the bird, but the grouse left Dr. Don with a split and bleeding lip.  No doubt he had some humorous quips, they escape me after forty years.  If only he'd have had a bird dog and a twenty-eight.......


  1. Looks like a fine walk for tuning up the soul and muscle. Looking at the flowers, I feel like looking up the name of the purple one with recurved petals and the yellow one that looks like a lily, but after working in the sudden 86 degree heat I want to cool off for a while. Maybe later.

    1. Walt, I'd gladly take a little of the 86 degree heat, especially since it's snowed here most of the day. As for the flowers, the purple one is a shooting star (Dodecatheon conjugens), the yellow one is a glacier lily (Erythronium grandiflorum). Have a cold one for me....


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