Another Day, Another Spring Creek....

With the valley rivers blown, and several days off, I needed an alternative if I wanted to fish.  I'd originally planned to fish the Missouri, but it doesn't offer much to the wading angler when it's flowing near 9000 c.f.s.  Given my soft spot for spring creeks, I booked a day on Nelson's Spring Creek.  It was a first for me, as I've spent my spring creek fishing career across the Yellowstone at Depuy's.

Nelson's is regarded as being the most difficult of the Paradise Valley spring creeks. Now tell me, who doesn't appreciate a little challenge?  Surely I could manage a fish or two.  Well the first piece of water that I looked into contained hundreds, maybe thousands of trout.  Did I mention that they also raise fish commercially for local restaurants?  Oh well, these fish weren't nearly as standoffish as their  spring creek brethren.


I spent the morning exploring while waiting for some sort of a hatch to come off. There were plenty of fish.  The challenge was in deciding how best to approach and present a fly to them.

Lunch was taken under the streamside shelter that's available to anglers.  Des the black lab promptly appeared and liberated part of my sandwich, potato chips too.  I don't think that there's a dog on the planet that doesn't know when I'm getting ready to eat.  Surely, the four at home know when I so much as think the word food. 

By afternoon there had been little activity in the way of bugs.  But for a few errant blue winged olives there was nothing doing.  I got a few fish to eat a comparadun.  Later, a few more on a midge.

All in all it's an interesting fishing venue.  Pretty.  Scenic.  Technical.  And, one to be appreciated by any spring creek aficionado.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


  1. A fine intro to Nelson's! Challenging and satisfying, and all in beautiful country. Nice going, Les.

    1. It sure was a fine day Walt. Beautiful scenery, and the valley was greening up. What I remember most was the hundreds of tree swallows zinging over the creek. Don't know what they were eating since there was little in the way of insects.

  2. Lester
    From the looks of the Spring Creek website I would surmise it is in a class of its own when it comes to fishing streams out your way; another reason why Montana is the ultimate in a fly fisherman’s dream. Thanks for sharing


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