About Time....

It took forty years, and then some.  I'd read about it.  Thought about it.  Driven by it.  Shot elk in the nearby mountains.  Regarded the flotillas of angler laden drift boats.  But fished it? 


Until today.

I planned to hike up Beartrap Canyon on the lower Madison, but didn't stop. I kept on driving, all the way to Three Dollar Bridge. 

The upper Madison is, as they say, one big riffle.

And it contains fish. 

After all of the years, they missed me.

Thank you.


  1. Lester
    You are living and fishing in paradise---if my wife and I were younger this is the place we would live. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I suspect that you and your wife will be plenty happy with your most recent change of address. And yes, I agree that it's pretty tolerable around here at times.

  2. Having a tough time getting thru on comments of late, but nice going. The river got you at last!

    1. Walt, sorry, I too replied to your comment and just noticed that it didn't post. Regardless, It was a fruitful afternoon. I've since driven by it three more times on my way to check out the Henry's Fork.


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