First Day Blues


Another year.  Another first day of September.  The traditional opening day of mountain grouse season in Montana.  Older dogs.  Older humans too.  And a pup just to round things out.

Typically, it's warm.  No exception this day. Fortunately a breeze and a few clouds early on  would make for pleasant walking.

Birds?  Not many.  Addie pointed a couple of blue grouse around mid-day.  They gave us the slip.

No shots fired.

For the pup, just another day of adventure........

For the older dogs, another day at the "office".  But it sure beats work!

I later bumped and flushed a single.  A big male blue.  Of course he lit in a tree and peered down at us defiantly.  Treed birds aren't fair game.  When they fly, ok.  He flew.

Shots fired.  He's probably still flying.  At least Katie got a whiff of bird.

One final mid afternoon walk and we were played out.  Katie found part of a deer leg.  She proudly carried it back to the truck.  In her mind the day was a resounding success.

Who needs birds when you've got a bone?


  1. I may need to hire a pup some day to help me SEE a blue grouse for the first time and add it to my Life List. They may be common out your way, but here it's the ruffed grouse thru and thru, and which I keep hearing people refer to as a "pheasant." Geesh.

    1. Ah, ruffs, my favorite. It's sinful to denigrate the "king of game birds" with the moniker of pheasant.

      As for seeing a blue, one is just as apt to stumble across one by hiking around in the high country. The dogs do occupy ones time in between bird sightings though....

  2. Sure is Mike. She can't resist picking up and carrying bones back to the truck..


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