I took a quick day trip to the Missouri earlier this week.  It was a glorious day.  Calm, bright, a toasty forty-seven when I got to Wolf Creek around eight in the morning.  A light sun hoody was all I would need.  Ok, pants too.

Blue winged olive nymphs and midge pupa were drifting in the current.  So, I started out sight nymphing.  A few nice fish were working the shallows.  The water was clear, the fish spooky.  No surprise.  I watched and waited, casting occasionally.  The fish took the pheasant tail, Rojo midge, a little red midge.  Its neat when you can see them eat.

I broke for a sandwich around two.  By then it was getting warm and was pretty bright.  My eyes needed a break from staring at the water.

After lunch it was time to do a little head hunting, so I went for a drive.

I found a few bank feeders.  It turned out that there were enough to keep me entertained for the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening.  Hatchwise, there were a few blue winged olive duns, but mostly spinners, not many but enough to bring up a few fish.  So, I stuck with a parachute Adams with an  RS2 trailer. My knots held.  My net got wet. I got a lot of mileage out of those two flies.

I'm always impressed when small hooks hold their bite and the tippet doesn't break.

Missouri River fish are quite strong and energetic.  When stung by a hook they realize that shallow water is to be vacated.  Now!  A couple of fish quickly got my fly line and half of my backing.

One fish came in easily.

That's it? 

Well no.  The fish sulked, decided it didn't like my looks and promptly swapped ends.  It then liberated all of my fly line and a bunch of backing.  The bigger fish usually have at least one good run in them.  

Another fish, steelhead hot, had to be chased a hundred yards downstream.  Its usually curtains when they get the upper hand like that.  But, the hook held and I slid the net under the fish.

Yes it was a good one......

After a few really good fish I was quite happy. More wouldn't have made the day any better so I called it good.  I drove along the river and enjoyed the rest of the evening. 

It was quiet and dead calm when I pulled over at the Wolf Creek bridge.  I lingered, took a few photos, tried to get just the right reflection.

And then I got the "I just want to be there" shot.   A lone angler in a driftboat, plying the water.

A most idyllic end to the day.


  1. Les: Sounds like a great day on the Mo...great set up: adams and rs2. Beauty of a bow...however,I still keep going back to that photo of the Madison Brown last post.

    1. Really nice day it was Bob. I tied up the RS2's last year, this was the first time that I'd used one of them. The 'bow in the photo was taken on the RS2 dropper. It was a real screamer, I'm glad that my backing didn't run out.

      Tying some small pheasant tail nymphs this morning (22's), a few midges too. I'm hoping for another go at the MO later in the week.

      Nice blog post this morning Bob at Trout On Dries

  2. Thanks for that. Have they started any re-construction of the Wolf Cr. parking lot yet?

    1. Hi Jim, the access site didn't look any different.

  3. Yes, idyllic. That last photo reminds me of an old Missouri River painting, the one with trappers poling upstream with a strange animal aboard. Makes ya want to be there....

    1. Glad you came along Walt. I bet those trappers weren't waiting around for the blue winged olive hatch to start, they were too busy cussing about the "danged mosquitos."

    2. Lester
      The Adams has to be one of my favorite flies, apparently it works all over the U.S. Stunning Steelhead, looks like you may need a bigger net. Just curious what weight/length fly rod were you using? Thanks for sharing

    3. Bill, I alternate between a couple of three weights. This day I used the Redington Classic Trout. It's an eight and a half footer. It does a good job protecting a fine tippet, except when I do a halibut hook set.

      Even though the fish looked and fought like a small steelhead, it was a rainbow. The only link to the ocean is via the Gulf of Mexico...

      I may have to reconsider the net too.. Thanks ...


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