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Brittany puppy

The last pup left tonight.  It was quite a process.  A lot happens in eight weeks.  Watch them be born, grow and then be gone.

A choice had to be made.  It was easy getting it down to two.  Picking between them was tougher.  They're both good looking pups.  Heck, all of them were good looking pups.'s just her mama. The decision was a no brainer.  

She and her sister got to play in the snow with the big dogs today, albeit briefly.  Little dogs get cold quick.  They got scooped up and put back into a nice cushy kennel in the cab of the truck while the big dogs finished their run.

Brittany puppy in the snow

Her name is Katie.  She's a sweetie.  Just like her mama.


  1. Lester
    Puppies are like little children, all cute little guys. Can't wait to see the little puppy hunting with her mom one day.
    The Brittney is in a class of its own when it comes to bird hunting. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill...agreed, they're all cute. Katie is already chasing down and retrieving her squeaky toy. And, she's known her name for weeks. She's a smart little bugger. It may be hard to believe, but there's a slight chance that I might post a hunting photo or two this fall.

  2. What a great looking pup..too much fun!


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