And The Point Is...

An afternoon afield, in black and white.

Bird dogs. 

An expanse of grass

It's big country. 


Wife too. 

Well, they are her dogs.

Brittany on point


Hunter, dogs, prairie

Hunter aims at Hungarian partridge

Brittany retrieving Hungarian partridge.

Bird dogs, Brittany, drinking water


Bill Trussell said…
Thanks for the memories of reminding me of some great quail hunting in Mississippi years ago---looks like you guys had a successful hunt. Thanks for sharing
rivertoprambles said…
As a quick follow-up to my own post yesterday, this one lends a whole new meaning to "the point"!
penbayman said…
Love the black and white shots and of course those marvelous dogs. We used to hunt with dogs and just watching them work made it all worthwhile even if we didn't bag any birds..
Lester Kish said…
Yes Walt, a play on words? In this case points are appreciated, in the case of your post, perhaps none needed.
Lester Kish said…
It's been a good year for the "girls" Bill. Glad to bring you back to your bird hunting days of yore.
Lester Kish said…
Mike, my wife will attest, the day afield is about the "dog work". The bagging of birds secondary, a reward to the dog for its effort. The payoff for me, some photos and a few feathers for fly tying. Glad you liked the "black and whites".
Anonymous said…
Les: Nice post and snaps. A day walking rolling doesn't get better than that. My favorite pic is second to last...your wife holding the Hun in hand with long feathers showing...nice composition.
Lester Kish said…
Thanks Bob, I took a page out of your book with the black and whites. Quite a few nice afternoon walks this fall. But alas, the weather has finally changed. Snow here this morning. Hopefully it won't last.