Bink, bink, bink.....

brown trout, parachute Adams

Not too many bugs on the water yesterday.  A few clouds of Tricos midmorning.  Then, a brief sparse spinner fall brought fish to the surface in one run.  A half dozen fish cruised the run, lazily sucking in the tiny spinners.  On a quiet morning, you could hear the fish smacking their lips.  I just love the sound of a happily feeding fish.  They weren't easy though.  I continually reinforce the fact that fish in low clear water are exceptionally spooky.  The flash of a fly line is death. Make a cast and the fish stop feeding.  Guess what?  Game over.  Then the wait starts.  Maybe they'll come back and resume dining.  In a few minutes, or fifteen.   I got one real nice one, on of all things, a small parachute Adams. 

It was a great eat, followed by the usual anxious moments.  A small fly, attached to 6X, attached to a fish headed downstream, attached to an angler mired waist deep in midstream muck.  I wondered if the fish would stop.  Then, would I be able to get it back?  I did, but then, it went back downstream again.  I hoped the leader had just enough stretch.  I hoped the tiny hook would hold.  Where would an angler be without hope?

And then, there's the hand tied leader.  If you tie your own, you know the gig.  Twelve feet, fourteen feet. At some point the leader needs to be drawn in if the fish is to be netted.  Now, anxious takes on new meaning.  There's the loops at the line end connection, followed by the nail knots that make up the taper.  

One knot through the rod tip, then another.  The fish isn't ready.  It gives a pull.  Back downstream it goes.  Cautiously it's pulled closer.


The loop knots again tick through the rod tip.


Then they're through the next guide.

Bink.  Bink.

Get the head of the fish up.  Pull it closer.  Time to reach.  Got him!  Nope, he's out of the net.

He wants back downstream. 

Bink, bink, bink, bink. 

Thankfully, he doesn't go far.

Bink, bink, bink, bink.  

A nice fish, he poses graciously.

The hook pops out,  I dip the lip of the net, the fish eases out and swims away.

Hand tied leaders, just love 'em.  Bink, makes me crazy though.  


Bink! A fine spring creek (?) bink... er, brown. Nice going.
Lester Kish said…
A spring creek fish yes. It's even more trying when the line to backing knots hit every guide. You've hooked a few big ones too Walt, I'm sure you'll agree.
Bill Trussell said…
Exceptional landing with the 6X, this kind of fight is why I love fly fishing for trout so much---thanks for sharing
Lester Kish said…
The 6X is standard rigging for me on spring creeks. Even 7X doesn't faze me too much anymore. It's the knots that I worry about. This day, the knots all held up, even the Orvis knot from tippet to fly. Thanks Bill.....
penbayman said…
a poetical portrayal..nice Les..
Lester Kish said…
Thanks for the visit Mike. Landing each fish is an adventure on a long hand tied leader.
Anonymous said…
Les : I hand tie my leaders too. Love them. But then there's the bink, bink, bink! Great post...totally relate.
Lester Kish said…
As a fisher of the dry I wondered if you might tie your own. They just turn over better don't they? Hand tied leaders are a bit of a nuisance around weeds or loose floating vegetation. Still prefer them though.

Thanks for the input Bob. With the weather change it looks like a good weekend to get out. Catch a few for me.
Anonymous said…
Yes, hand tied leaders are great in spite of some drawbacks as you mentioned. I feel my own leaders give me more control in placing the fly. I make them for the way I fish, the type of water, and weather...wind, wind, wind. Maxima chameleon butt and some middle section, then maxima clear and then regular tippet for bottom third. I tie a long leader, usually a rod length and one half. It gets the fly in front of the fish.
I do like casting furled (sp) leaders on small streams, no wind.
Nice post.
Lester Kish said…
Same basic formula here too Bob. Maxima butt and midsection. I've gone to Trouthunter nylon for the tippet. It's nice and supple, stretches some too. I do run into some trouble with the long leader and 6x tippet when there's a breeze. Some day I'll dummy up and go to a shorter leader when the wind picks up. Thanks again. Haven't tried a furled leader.