I fished yesterday, the day before too.  Hoping to get in on a straggler PMD hatch, I got Tricos instead.  I ended up swinging a soft hackle.  The fish liked it. 

Yesterday, I was up at dawn, feeling my way to the river through the smoke.  The water looked good.  No bugs though.  Well of course not, it was too early.  No matter.  A few inviting runs begged for a streamer.  All I had was my three weight.  Oh, what the hell.  I found a streamer leader tapered with ten pound Maxima.  A single, lowly conehead muddler was keeping the Humpy's company in a dry fly box.  I tied it on.  This is what I got.....

Then the fishing got good.........


  1. Lester
    I have a feeling the Conehead Muddler was a pattern you hadn't used lately. Swinging the hackle proved productive for me the other day as well. I assume the weather is getting cooler out there now, making for some good fishing weather. Thanks for sharing

    1. Still bright and toasty out here Bill, but cooler days are coming. I was neither planning on, or prepared to fish the conehead, but the fish were in the mood to chase and eat. So, I stuck with it and was rewarded with a productive morning.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mike. I played with the idea of putting the images together into a triptych, but they didn't quite match up. Still a pretty fish though.


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