Welcome to Wyoming.  Nothing like a little scenery to go with ones fishing.  Camping too.  Take a hike.  Just a few miles to stretch the old legs.  Get out in the wind.  Blow the stink off as my wife would say.

Best have a fishing license.  You never know when Mr. Warden will show up.  Riding a horse no less.   Maybe talk about fish and bears and stuff.  Then, just like any good cowpoke, he'll ride away.  What a great way to spend the summer.

Like mountains?  Well, there's lots of 'em.  Better have a camera.  Keep it handy, you'll want to take a picture every few steps or so.

Smell that?  It's fresh air.  Well, maybe with a little forest fire smoke thrown in.  Then there's the sweet smell of grouse whortleberry.  What's a whortleberry?  I'm glad you asked.  It's a member of the blueberry or huckleberry family.  They're small, but good eating.  Go good in pancakes too. Gotta be patient to pick the little buggers though.

Grouse whortleberry, Wyoming Beartooth Mountains.

This is high country, brookie country.  They're not big, but there's lots of 'em.  Usually, they're willing to take a fly.  Sometimes you got to work a little during the day. But, when the wind dies down and the lake surface stills, the fishing gets good.  Any fisherman knows, one good evening hour can make up for a slow afternoon. 

Brook trout, Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming.

And, if you're lucky like me.  There won't be any bugs!  The little bloodthirsty bastards don't take too kindly to the summer snow and  cold.  Just not tough enough I guess.  Too bad.


  1. Brookies and whortleberries, mountain air and freedom!

  2. Lester
    I wouldn't need to land any trout in this area, just soak up the beauty of the place. Nice brook trout, looking forward to a report from the trip. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bill. Believe it or not, in a roundabout sort of way, this was the trip report. I picked up a one day Wyoming license, hiked in, fished, and spent the night. Early next morning I hiked over the border into Montana, fished a bit and then hiked out. Was back at the trailhead by 4 pm. It was fifty-nine degrees, pretty comfortable for August. And best of all I never used any mosquito repellant.

      I also noticed that my bear spray had an expiration date, that being 2007.

  3. Lester
    No worry, this post served the purpose!

  4. Hi Les:
    Just checked in. Nice post. Like the pics and shot of brook trout. Brookies are the best.

    1. Glad you did Bob. I've got to scratch the brookie itch once a year, even if its for little ones.


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