Worth the Walk

I took a little hike last week.  Twice.  The first, a shakedown walk of sorts to test the legs.  My expectations were to only get a mile or two up the trail.  But, the snowline had retreated hastily, the trail was clear.  I arrived to find a thawed lake, sans fly rod.  Two days later I returned packing fishing gear.  

The fishing?  Well, slow.  I got a few, but had to work for them.   They were surprisingly spooky already.  A bead head prince got a couple, the rest liked a soft hackle.  Pretty fish all.  Well worth the hike.


Ah man, I've got to get back and that see that alpine country-- I've climbed to it only in Colorado and in Austria-- but how I miss it. Thanks for the tease, Les, and I hope I live long enough to check it out again.
Bill Trussell said…
The red strip rainbow, awesome color markings, was you using an indicator with the beadhead? The pheasant tail beadhead was the fly pattern that our guide used Friday to enable us to land all those trout this past Friday. Size 12 drifting 2 ft. deep for the entire trip; he gave me a half dozen and told me to give them a try on out tailrace here. He also told me he had landed lots of trout on the Madison and the Big Horn using that size 12 beadhead pheasant. Thanks for sharing
Lester Kish said…
The high country casts an addictive spell Walt, as you well know. It's hard to stay away. By the way, Austria is my native land.
Lester Kish said…
It was a gorgeous fish Bill, in terms of shape and color, great condition for being so soon after ice out.

As for the beadhead prince, I just cast and twitched it back. Some fish jumped right on it, others, it scared the hell out of. The pheasant tail, bead or not is a great standard pattern. I'm sure that your tailrace trout will like it just fine. Looks like you got some nice ones on your recent trip too.