Morning Fix

Just a short jaunt this morning.  I needed to scratch the small stream itch.  A couple of hours would suffice.

It had rained recently, snowed a bunch too in the high country.  Quite a change from recent weeks.  

A short drive put me onto some surprisingly low clear water.  Little rainbows, quite willing, eagerly snapped up my offerings.  It didn't take long to catch enough.  Nor did it take long to get chilled on this raw mountain morning.  Silly me, I'd underestimated how cold a mountain stream fueled by snowmelt can be in May.  I'd dressed for wading the Madison.  Next May, long johns! Maybe a thermos of coffee too!


Bill Trussell said…
That kind of stream and lots of trout to feast on my fly would make it worth getting a little chilled. How I wish I had streams like that here to fish for freestone trout. My wife were talking the other day if we had another life to live it would be out west or up in the northeast. thanks for sharing
Lester Kish said…
Bill, after your last post, I'm really thankful to be able to fish cold clear water.
Lydia said…
Hi Lester ~ Cute fish! And that stream? Brrrrrrr. I can feel the chill. So happy you are out doing what you love, in spite of not dressing for it!
Lester Kish said…
Hi Lydia, you'd think that I'd know better after all of these years. Those mountain streams are always cold this early in the year, sometimes they don't warm at all. And the fish, so perfect, even if they are small.

Enjoyed your recent post for Mag 270. Hope all is well.