A Few Casts

Morning,frost,Depuy Spring Creek, Montana

Twenty-six inside the fisherman's hut when I arrived yesterday (it was seven on the pass and icy as hell).  So, a few sticks in the barrel stove were in order.  There was no need to hurry, it would be awhile before the sun burned off the frost and the bugs got going.  No matter, I was rigged and ready for the anticipated midges.  Blue wings?  Well we'd have to see.

I heard a vehicle pull up.  It was Satoshi Yamamoto. Angler, guide, and all around nice guy.  Our paths had crossed over the past few years but we'd never had a chance to visit much.  This morning we caught up a bit.  I won't rehash the conversation, but he has a great blog with lots of useful fishing info (http://leftyangler.blogspot.com).  His personal bio is quite interesting too. And, I was most pleased when Satoshi graciously allowed me to take a few photos of him fishing.

Satoshi Yamamoto, fishing, trout, casting, DePuy Spring Creek

Once it warmed, the morning turned into a stunner.  No wind, fish rising.  Just pinch me.

I walked back to the hut and retrieved my fly rod.  Several rising fish got my attention, and I scrunched to my knees (bad for the back I know, but a low profile is necessary).  I prefer to get as close as possible to the fish, and use as short a cast as is feasible.  If I can see 'em and watch 'em eat, so much the better.  An alligator jawed brown capped off my short fishing session. 

Still wanting a few more photos, I walked downstream and got Satoshi.  We crept to the stream edge and watched the cruising fish rise.  Satoshi went to work on the now more picky fish. Here's how it went........

Satoshi Yamamoto, brown trout, spring creek

The conditions for fishing stayed perfect 'til one o'clock or so.  Then the wind arrived.  I took a break, ran into Livingston and made a small "donation" to Dan Bailey's fly shop.

The wind was still blowing when I got back to the creek.  So I took a walk, grabbed a few photos. I hoped for a late day lull in the wind, but it never happened.  I called it good shortly before seven.

All in all another swell day.  Thanks Satoshi!


  1. Pretty day on a MT spring creek! Not so pretty on my local spring creek, which I reported on last month as "strangely vacant." Seems that the trout really are gone, not just moved around-- devoured by huge flocks of fish-eaters that had to converge there due to all our ice and snow this past winter... What a bummer. Hopefully they'll return soon.

    1. It really was a pretty day, in fact the morning was stellar! Sorry to hear about the vanishing fish Walt. Maybe a few escapees will come out of the woodwork to repopulate your creek.

  2. Lester
    I always like to find individuals who love the sport of fly fishing as much as I do, and you found that guy when you met up with Satoshi. All of us guys who fly fish are really lucky to have this great sport as our hobby? I talk to retired guys all the time who are bored everyday because they don’t have a hobby. Sorry to get a little off the subject here, but reading your post and seeing those browns you landed makes me really appreciate this great sport even more. Great Post
    P.S. I am making my first trout fishing trip on our tailrace in the morning, finally no generation.

    1. Bill its hard to comprehend boredom when one is fishing. But it happens. Thankfully its not our problem too! Look forward to hearing about your first tailrace trip.

  3. Les,
    Thank you for kind words. See you next time.


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