March Pheasant

A day of chasing dogs and pheasants. Todays cast of dogs: Addie, Emma and Maggie, aka the twisted sisters.  Each dog had its turn.  Old lady Lucy stayed home.  Someone had to guard the yard from marauding rabbits.

The day started out cool, which, as it would turn out was a blessing.  Hot dogs don't hunt too good, hot humans either.  We didn't have to worry.  No sweat today.  The wind blew through us most of the day.  Thankfully it was from the south.

A skiff of snow lingered.  Handy for tracking the wily running rooster. 

The usual gig.  The birds were out there, just had to find them.  You get some, others get away, unscathed.  Once they get up and get wind under their wings, away they go.  And the ones you see first?  They've probably already seen you.  Can you say adios?

It's amazing how cagy a pen reared bird can be.  They can be strutting around, eating grain in the morning.  A few hours later, out in the field, they seem to realize....what do they realize?  Hell, I don't know, I'm not a rooster pheasant.  One thing for sure, their survival instincts kick in real quick.

Two dogs, tired but happy.  Fresh air and exercise make for good pups, good humans too.

Back home,  floor and furniture were festooned with human and canine bodies.  Everyone had a limp.  The dogs couldn't make it onto the furniture.  Us humans could barely make it to the floor to stretch out.  It must have been a good day.  And oh yeah, a sign of all of us being out of shape.


  1. Lester
    What a paradise you have to hunt and fish in out there, couldn't ask for better landscape. I notice a stream in one of the images, have you fished it for trout, looks rewarding. What's the limit on Pheasants there? I notice the collars on the Brittney's do you use them on every hunt? Save some of feathers for your next fly pattern. Really enjoyed this post!!!

    1. Hi Bill, yes we do live in a neat place. I do have to reiterate that this was a preserve hunt, so we were reasonably assured of at least seeing birds. As for a limit, it's whatever ones wallet can bear. About four birds in a day is about all the hunting one can stand. This day my wife got three, had opportunities at several more. She runs the dogs with collars all of the time. It's necessary. Anyone who thinks Brits hunt close it nuts.

      We've accumulated lots of pheasant tail feathers, let me know if you need some. I think there's one more hunt in the offing. I kind of thought that you might enjoy this post, given your quail hunting history.

  2. What fun Les! I love seeing those pups work..

    1. A fun day it was Mike. The dogs had a pretty good day too.


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