Last Chance at Winter

Just a few images from a winter trip to the Henry's Fork in Idaho.   The Henry's Fork is not a winter fly fishing destination.  The area is normally buried under many feet of snow which makes it a haven for folks on snowmobiles.   This was a near perfect winter day.  Overcast, comfortable, calm.  The midges were out.  The blue-winged olives didn't come out to play.  And the trout?  They came out too, and played, a little.


I fished until late afternoon.

The tally for the day was twice my last outing.

Two fish.


Where did the time go?

I've used this quote before, but am compelled to use it again as it sums up the day perfectly.

"I wondered for quite a while about the fascination of fly fishing.  Why is it that I can wade into a stream at 10 in the morning, look at my watch in a "couple" of hours, and find out that it's late in the afternoon" Gene Hill from A Listening Walk and other stories.


Bill Trussell said…
The quote sums up the feelings of most fly fishermen who love the sport as much as you and I do. My only regret when it comes to fly fishing is not starting sooner when I was younger. My dad started all of us boys fly fishing at an early age, but somehow along the way I got caught up in the bass fishing scene with the bait catching reels. I should have been landing those sun perch and bluegills with my dad much more at that time. Now I am making up for loss time.
How much snow do you guys still have there? Awesome images of the Henry Fork area---thanks for sharing
walt said…
The successful pursuit of two trout on a tough river in late winter can make the time slip away without a thought. Nice going.
Lester Kish said…
It's never too late to catch up Bill, and, it looks like you've been doing a good job with the panfish, trout too for that matter.

We're largely snow free in our area. The snow line has retreated pretty high up on the mountain slopes too. And, even though the upper Henry's Fork looked snowy, it's going fast up there too.

Glad you stopped in.
Lester Kish said…
Thanks Walt, the time really does pass quickly. I spent way too much time trying to cast too small a fly on a leader that was way too long. I guess that it was good practice. And, I got a whitefish too!
Anonymous said…
Les; Where did time go? I often say that at the end of an angling day. Hours are like minutes. You know you are in a special "zone" when time flies like that. Two fish on midges. Sounds great to me as no surface action in my region yet. I might have to drop down to the "Mo" sometime in next several weeks to see rising fish. Nice post.
Lester Kish said…
Hi Bob, I was wondering if there had been any bug activity in your part of Alberta yet. How far to the Mo for you? The Mo and Henry's Fork are about the same distance for me. I suspect that the water temps on the Mo should start rising as soon as the ice goes off of Holter (if it hasn't already). Bugs should be popping soon.
Anonymous said…
I'm 5 to 5.5 hrs from the "Mo"; long but an easy drive..all HWY. Yes, the bugs on that river should get going soon as I've done well in the past in late march and early april. I keep checking Headhunter blog for a green light but no great dry fly report yet. There are some midges out here, Alberta, but no surface activity as of yet.
Anonymous said…
Les: Nice photos. I like the one of the rod in the snow. You are lucky to have 2 great dry fly rivers equal distance from your home. I'm 5 to 5.5 hrs, depending on the border crossing, from the Mo. Long way but easy drive as all HWY. And the drive is always worth it. Little bug activity here. I generally don't do anything on dries until early April. I may check out our local tailwater late in the day if the wind dies down as March seems more like April. Tight lines.
Lester Kish said…
Not too far for a "weekend" drive. Worth it too if the bugs and fish are "on". They weren't last week. I had a nice day and drive though. Road construction season has started.
penbayman said…
Looks like even I could throw a fly line there without getting into too much trouble on my
"back swing"
Lester Kish said…
I'm partial to "open area" casting too Mike.