Been A While......

It's been a while since I've written. I apologize.  I've shirked my duties as a blogger.  

It's been a while too since we've had occasion to use a hopper.  This one, patterned after Mike Lawson's Henry's Fork hopper, was tied with the intention of floating it in the Blackfoot.  Why the Blackfoot?  Beats me.   I just thought it was a good idea. 

Well, years passed.  The hoppers never saw the Blackfoot.  One day, this past summer, I found the forlorn hoppers in a fly box next to my tying bench. Their time had come.  I packed them off to the Madison. 

I've always liked the look of elk hair hoppers.  This pattern looks good on the water.  It floats like the cliched cork.  And, it's not too tough to tie.  

And, pray tell, how did they work that day on the Madison?  Well, pretty darned good.  There were no sippers that day.  The takes were pretty explosive. 

To quote Dan Holland from the Fly Fisherman's Bible:

A trout feels about a grasshopper the way I feel about apple pie:
 it should be eaten promptly.

I can relate to trout and their fondness for hoppers.  I love apple pie!  How about you?


  1. Fresh snowfall last night. We woke to a white Christmas. A brilliant day once it cleared. More cold is on the way though, subzero next week. The fishing will have to wait.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Put a little French vanilla ice cream on my pie, and I'll hop to it without a second thought. Merry Holidays!

    1. My sentiments exactly Walt. Make that a la mode for me too please.


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