Beating the Heat

A couple of weeks ago everyone was lamenting the cool rainy weather.  Would it ever end?  Hell, yes.  It always does.  And, it did.  The heat got turned on.  Temperatures promptly achieved their rightful place in the nineties.

Those same few weeks ago the mountains were still locked in snow.  It doesn't take much sun and warmth to drive it off. Once a few rocks get exposed, away it goes.

The fourth of July is a pretty traditional date to shoot for as regards getting into some alpine trout fishing.  Some years its still too early.

Yesterday was a good day for a walk.  I always try to start the day early and take advantage of hiking on a shady trail. Above 9000 feet, the snow was retreating rapidly.  There were still a few snowbanks. The lakes had thawed but I don't think that the ice had been off for long.

Best of all, the fish were in good shape.  Nice and fat, a surprise for so early in the season.


Bill Trussell said…
Wow those are some fat trout, and the images of those mountains are awesome. When do you guys get your first snow? I assume you have some short summers. thanks for sharing
penbayman said…
OMG.. what lovely country Les..
Lester Kish said…
Hi Bill, the fish were in really good shape. They usually don't fatten up 'til later in the summer, in some lakes they never do.

First snow? Maybe this afternoon. Only kidding, although I've been snowed on every month of the year. Those high lakes are snow and ice free for only a few months.
Lester Kish said…
Sure is Mike. Trout, flowers, scenery. Hard to beat.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful images, Les, a wonderful time when the mountains open up. Thanks for sharing them.
Lester Kish said…
Good morning Walt. Thanks for stopping by. I see that you've been out teasing the trout as well.
Anonymous said…
Hi Les:

I enjoyed Beating the Heat. Wow, clear water, nice pics and plump/healthy looking trout. it is amazing they survive up there. I like the shot with the strong reflection.
Lester Kish said…
Hi Bob:

Montana really isn't that much different from Alberta is it? I'm sure that there are some beautiful alpine lakes in your part of the Canadian Rockies.

I appreciated your recent post on the Crowsnest. Have a great summer.
Anonymous said…
Les: Yes, Montana and Alberta are quite similar. We do have our share of alpine lakes...some even have brook and golden trout. You have a great summer as well. Look forward to future posts.