Tale Of The Big Brown

brown trout tail in net

A little drive this morning.  Today would be a streamer day.  Browns like 'em.  I use a simple rig.  A short length of straight eight.  Pound test Maxima that is.  No 6X today.  Yay!  Tie on a cone head muddler.  That's it.

I like casting streamers on small streams.  A short cast to this bank or that.  Flip it under an overhanging branch.  No dummy!  Under the branch, not into it!  Oh well, all in a day of fishing.

One thing about small streams.  The fish will show themselves.  Invariably, if they show, and don't grab the fly, they won't come back.  Funny thing about fishing streamers.

Today, the fish were scarce.  Not many follows.  Few takers.  A few made it to the net.  Juicy looking pools that are usually good for a fish or two, yielded none.  

I was about halfway through the morning itinerary of pools.  And, I'd just worked through another, this one also apparently fish-less.  Then, a big splash upstream.

I turned in time to see the disappearing tail of a

 big brown.......


I wasn't the only one fishing today.

And, judging by the slowness of my fishing, he was probably having more luck!

Brown trout, cone head muddler fly


  1. It's good to fish where there are otters. I am not one of those who'd begrudge an otter a trout or two (actually they probably prefer suckers). It means you're fishing in the right kind of habitat, a place where big trout lie in waiting and will hit a wayward streamer.

    1. Don't get to see an otter very often, so yesterdays encounter was a treat. He resurfaced a ways upstream and barked at me disapprovingly. Still, they are adept fisherman. I'm sure that he was out making his rounds, doing his best to stir up the fish. Fortunately, fish have short memories.


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