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Where The Rivers Meet: The Three Forks Of The Missouri

A couple of hundred years ago, a couple of guys named Lewis and Clark decided to take a little trip.  Long before the days of Chevrolet, they decided to see a part of America that would someday be part of the USA (remember that slogan?).  They toiled their way across an expanse of wild country. Eventually, they ended up here, at the headwaters of the Missouri River.  They camped and did a little local exploring.  You can too.  They didn't have the benefit of a nice campground, trails, and interpretive displays telling of the local history, all courtesy of the fine folks at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  More park specific info is available at the Montana FWP website here.

I walked up the S.E. fork about a half mile and ascended the point of a high limestone cliff from whence I commanded the most perfect view of the neighboring country.  Words of Meriwether Lewis, Saturday July 27th, 1805 in The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Bernard DeVoto. This is a view of Lewis's S.E. …

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Sorry.  Ain't got nothing.  Ain't done nothing.  Not much on the horizon either.  Rivers are blown. So, there's no need to worry about fishing.  I wonder if my back will be up to snuff by lets say... August?