While driving along the Missouri River early last June, I spied this lone angler at work. It was late afternoon.  The PMD's were just starting to hatch.  Fish were rising.

Angling nirvana.

So, I drove up the road, found an open spot.  Slipping into the water, I became part of a similar dreamy scene for passing anglers.  The fish, so close, agreeably sipped the PMD presented barely at arms length. 

Nirvana for me.



  1. Lester
    Nothing like an outstanding hatch to get a fly fisherman fired up

  2. I'm gonna take that warm MT afterglow with me to the stream to give me hope. I'll need it 'cause the local streams are close to unfishable due to recent rain, but it might be fun anyway. Thanks for the boost!

    1. Your most welcome Walt. Those streams will clear soon, maybe not soon enough. And then. Voila! A perfect evening will come your way.

  3. Nice blog, Lester. Great photos; zen-succinct writing. May your recovery from surgery be swift.

    Ignorant angler?... hmm...

    'Forgive others their current ignorance, as we are all ignorant on our own unique paths, which are in darkness part of the time, & none of us knowing what really lies ahead.' ~Steven Bird
    Soft~Hackle Journal

    1. Thanks Steve. I too have become a fan of the soft hackle. Your blog is most informative. I encourage others to check out the Soft Hackle Journal.

      Glad your were able to find this little blog, and for the kind wishes.


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