Here's something that I've wanted to present for quite a while. I never thought that I would rely on others to provide the material for a post.  It seemed like a cop out.  But, as my fishing has ceased, and I'm in recovery mode, I thought it appropriate to put something up, lest the world think that I've slipped into the next dimension.

This is a fun video that pleases me to no end. It's not new and has been posted elsewhere.  It was produced by Detonation Studios for SIMMS and is extremely well done.  Great soundtrack too.

I've spent many days on the creek.  It will be (too) many more before I get back.  This is my happy fix for the day.  Hopefully yours too.

Pay attention to the two minute mark…… the little gal epitomizes joy.


  1. Lester
    Loved the video, it is so much fun on the water when you see trout going airborne--thanks for sharing

    1. Only thing better than an airborne trout..... is a big, airborne trout! Glad you liked this Bill.

  2. Yup Mike....it really is a nice video. I think I'll watch it again just to celebrate the morning snowfall.


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