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So Near.... Yet........

Well, I'm now about four weeks post back surgery, and quite frankly I'm going a bit stir crazy.  For someone who's always been active, the lack of mobility and inability to perform some of the simplest of tasks has been most frustrating. I never thought that putting on socks, and then shoes, would be an accomplishment.  Activity wise, I've been limited to a few daily walks totaling an hour or so.  No big deal other than it's a pittance for one used to covering miles, many of them.
In the past month, I've spent enough time on ice to prepare for the next life.  That is, assuming that I'll be reincarnated as a gutted fish destined for the  supermarket cold case.  I guess that it will just take time.
I think back to a line from an old Tom Selleck movie (The High Road to China).  In it he asked a wise old oriental man for some sage advice.  The advice was......
"The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient." 
 Can't argue with that.
I'll end wi…


I've been thinking a lot lately.  Mainly because I haven't been able to do much else.
One concept that has me baffled is the Big Bang Theory.  I've been trying to wrap myself around that one for a while.  All matter, you, me, your dog, cell phone, universe, multiverse, etc. came from one atom.  One big explosion.  Bang.  Here we are.  Pick a number, add a few zeros and we have recorded time. Thirteen point eight billion  years to be exact.  Why don't we just round up to a nice even fourteen bil? I can't help but wonder how that figure was arrived at? Did they carbon date a Twinkie?  One human lifetime is pretty short in the grand scheme.  Talk about insignificant, it's mind boggling.  Don't even mention dog years.
Then, while listening to NPR this morning, I couldn't help but chuckle at a few of the stories.  To wit.........
Einstein, while working on some equation to solve God knows what, put a minus where there should have been a plus.  Geez Al, what…


Here's something that I've wanted to present for quite a while. I never thought that I would rely on others to provide the material for a post.  It seemed like a cop out.  But, as my fishing has ceased, and I'm in recovery mode, I thought it appropriate to put something up, lest the world think that I've slipped into the next dimension.
This is a fun video that pleases me to no end. It's not new and has been posted elsewhere.  It was produced by Detonation Studios for SIMMS and is extremely well done.  Great soundtrack too.
I've spent many days on the creek.  It will be (too) many more before I get back.  This is my happy fix for the day.  Hopefully yours too.
Pay attention to the two minute mark…… the little gal epitomizes joy.