Last Call

It was going to blow.  Real hard.  The weatherman said so.  Fifty miles an hour.  I didn't want to believe.  But, I knew better.  I needed a token fishing fix.  Even a brief appearance would suffice. Should I, or shouldn't I?  Go that is. 

So I came up with this little algorithm for helping with the decision making process.

Are you dead? 

                         Yes?   You  should have went fishing yesterday.
                          No?   Go fishing today.

There.  Go fishing.  So I went.

There was no wind discount for leaving Livingston behind. It was as advertised when I reached the creek.  Whitecaps rolled on the pond in front of the big house.  When I registered for the day, Betty chimed that the ducks were having a good day.  Looking out the window, I watched as they bobbed and disappeared among the swells.

I didn't dally this day as I usually do.  With the fire built, I strung my rod, attached the smallest of indicators and tied a little wire worm to the tippet.  I didn't bother with a dropper.  Simple was the order of the day.  Just get it in the water and down to the fish.  A short leash would do. 

The aspens swayed deeply, even their trunks bent, yielding to the gusts.  Chickadees, happy go lucky as they are, tee-heed without regard.  For them, every day is a good day.

Outside the hut, the smoke from the stovepipe was flattened to the ground.  Stringers of snow streamed from the surrounding peaks.  If it was blowing like this in the valley, the conditions up high would have been unbearable.  Today, fishing was a saner choice than mountaineering.

On such days one must pick shots.  The slightest lull is a casting opportunity.  I got my licks in and watched as the indicator twitched on the stream surface as if in pre-seizure mode.

Was that a fish?

Hesitatingly I raised the rod . There was a brief pulse, then nothing.  Yup.  That was a fish.  There were others. A couple even surrendered to the net. 

It was a short day.  I was done by one.


  1. If you're living, you just go! Nice job there. Today I got out on a spring creek and had good luck. Gotta take advantage of a thaw. More cold's a comin'.

    1. Yes Walt, I learned long ago, when in doubt, go....always. Do you have spring creeks in New York too?

  2. Lester
    Great read with a nice bonus at the end. Those rainbow are so colorful. Really envy where you live. Thanks for sharing

    1. The rainbows do color up nice this time of year. And....I agree, the scenery and opportunities here are hard to beat. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Les! Love the algorithm, nice fish too! Take care,

    1. Thanks Jeff. Great stuff on your blog too. Headed back to AK soon?


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