One Good Day Deserves Another

Saturday, we fished.  A once a year reunion. A couple of guys that have become friends in recent years.  And one, well, we go back decades.  It was a good day, too nice for fishing.  No, make that too nice for catching.  Everyone got a few.  But, the fish like to sulk on the brighter days.  At least that's our excuse.  In our defense, no day is too nice for fishing.  I'll share a few photos.

And on another day………...

Today, surprise, it's snowing.  Ever so lightly.  A gray day seems so strange after the succession of sun.   Yesterday I went to the creek.  The forecast was for sunshine and forties.  I couldn't pass it up.  It's January after all.  One must get out and take advantage of these windows into winter.

And so I went.  It was ridiculously nice.  Bright, perfectly clear.  No wind.  I think that it hit fifty degrees.  This would have been a great day were it the month of March.

Got a few fish, rolled a couple of real nice ones that I couldn't hold.  No matter, I saw them.  They tipped their fins, jumped and tossed the fly, and turned and swam back to carry on their day.  I later went back and tried again  for a fish that I'd tickled.  He, or she, ignored my repeated offerings. Maybe they do remember, longer than we give them credit.

I had hoped to hang in and fish through the best part of the day, late afternoon.  Protestations from my back were not relieved by lying on a picnic table.  So regrettably, I packed it in. But, sorry wasn't part of the vocabulary for the day.  The mountain views were killer.


  1. Wow, beautiful photos, unbelievable fishing weather, Les. Keep it going. We could use some of that sunshine and warmth out here in arctic New York. Sub-zeros take a toll on the spirit after a while.

    1. Good weather? I'll send some your way Walt. Well, there might be a brief hiccup with twelve hours or so of flurries. But heck, it sure beats that subzero stuff. In the meantime, I'm glad you enjoyed the sunshine, scenery, and blue skies in the photos.

  2. Lester
    Fantastic photos, and some beautiful areas to fish, where is the Absaroka Mountains located? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog as well. The Absarokas are located in Montana, just north of Yellowstone Park. Actually, they extend into Wyoming too.

  3. Hi Lester,
    Thank you for your nice thought. The place you choose is very nice. The picture is too good.


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