Up, Up, and Away…..

I rarely get more than one shot of a bird on the wing from any particular flush.  If there's any cover at all, it's hard enough to get a single shot, period.  Here's a set from a recent trip to the field.  This bird flushed straight up.  No burst mode on my camera, if there is, I haven't figured out how to use it.  So, each image is a separate press of the shutter.  Sometimes I get lucky.

I like the look of old time photos, sepia seemed to do them justice.  Stripped of color, one can search for the most interesting elements of an image.  Just for grins, I've also shown the color versions.  It's interesting to note how one's eye is drawn to color.  In this case fluorescent orange, which, in my opinion, is one of the most obnoxious colors created.  But, from a hunter safety standpoint, it's a necessity. 

It's also interesting to note the changes in direction by the bird during the flush. It gets up, straight as can be facing away, turns, then turns again once it tops out and makes its getaway.

Pheasant hunting - pheasant flushing - sepia photo

And, in color……….

I don't care for orange, but the blue sky sure is nice. What do you think?


  1. Very interesting sequence, both in color and in b/w. Not sure how you did this, but it works by drawing eye and thought.

    1. Hi Walt, no magic here. Just frame, focus, and shoot. Never know where the bird is, when it will flush, or its flight path. This bird looks like it was shot out of a launcher, but no, he was doing his own thing.

      The color conversion was done through Lightroom.


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