Thanks…..For One More (Nice) Day

One more trip to the creek yesterday.  It was blowing hard in Livingston.  To my delight, it was still when I arrived at the "Big House" to sign in for the day.  The "DePuy door greeter" was on hand to welcome me as I rang the bell.  This sheep, the last of several, was the sole survivor of a mountain lions mutton quest.  Betty informed me that the sheep didn't venture far, and spent a good deal of time looking in the window.  

sheep at the door to the "Big House" on DePuy Spring Creek

I set up shop at the lower cabin.  My previous visits had been to the two upper ones.  It's good to move around and keep tabs on the different sections of the creek.  The conditions are changing constantly, much like the seasons. 

Fire building skills came into play.  I know, it's tough wadding up newspaper, adding kindling, and tossing in a match.  It's a simple pleasure, and one that I look forward to.  An event that will be repeated many times over the next several months.   

Eva's Cabin - DePuy Spring Creek - Montana

Cabin time would be minimal today however. The day soon warmed.  I set off to check on the creek and its trout.  I picked off a couple with a scud and continued working downstream.   I was surprised at the amount of weeds still growing actively.  Some glowed a brilliant lime green in the sunlight.
The morning went quickly, it was soon early afternoon.  I was delighted to find a few rising fish. They weren't pushovers, but I got a few on the midge.  Back at the cabin, I broke for lunch at two. Out came the little one burner propane stove. A can of chili, some sourdough bread.  Water.  The tea stayed in the thermos on this warm afternoon.  The chocolate chip cookies hit the spot too.

I walked up to the pond.  The surface was still flat calm.  Fish rose lazily, the ducks dabbled in the afternoon sunshine.  A couple more fish came to hand as I worked back downstream.  By now the sun had swung around.  The mountains lit up. It was showtime for the Absarokas.    It's my favorite part of the day on the creek.  

Absaroka Mountains - Montana - DePuy Spring Creek

I was pretty satisfied by four.  Maybe a quick jaunt with a streamer?  I thought the better of it and pulled out binoculars instead.  A few deer sauntered into the field.  Does and fawns.  A little three point.  

Daryl Smith pulled up, his little dog bounced out of the truck.  We visited for a while.  Talked about the history of this property.  Bears and mountain lions too.   We bid each other a Happy Thanksgiving.  A fitting end to the day.  


  1. Wow, excellent post, fine photos. Can't believe that Big House. Glad you still have good casting weather. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Walt. The "Big House" really is something to behold. DePuy's is a pretty special place. I lucked out yesterday. I think it must have hit fifty degrees. No wind. Stunning.


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