Okay, some times you feel like a nut.  This crappy little image is of a sign that's posted in one of the angler's huts at DePuy Spring Creek, Montana (click on it and the fine print may be readable).

I drove over the hill a couple of weeks ago and picked up a winter pass.  That was the extent of the foray.  I was in no shape to fish.  After a brief stretch on one of the picnic tables, I drove home.  I'm hoping to get back soon.  The pox is with me.


  1. I guess I've had that fishing pox so long that it seems quite normal!

    1. Certainly, there are worse afflictions. Although, some close to us, may dispute. Regardless, I hope to give it a go tomorrow. If I can only get into my waders and tighten my boots………...


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