Of Browns and Beetles

A few weeks back, I fished a small creek that wound lazily through a meadow.  Once in a great while a fish would rise.  It wasn't a feeding frenzy.  I had no clue as to what they were taking.  There were no winged insects.  Couldn't see much of anything drifting in stream either.  I remembered reading "When in doubt, use a beetle", courtesy of Mike Lawson.

So I stripped off some line, measured my cast and sent the beetle on it's way.  A couple of funky drifts and I figured out the current.  A fish rose again.  Out went another cast.  The fish took.  A nice little brown.  I got three more out of that little run.  Clearly, they liked the beetle.

It's a simple tie. I used whatever material was available.  In this case, a dubbed body of peacock ice dub, some black electronics foam packing, black flashabou for legs, orange post for visability.

This version is a low rider. Even with a short line, it was a $#%h? to see.  When a fish rose wherever I thought the fly to be, I struck.  Invariably something had taken the beetle.

I hunted heads for the next couple of hours.  Most were willing to take the beetle.  It was a nice productive, instructive evening.

This winter, I'll have to reengineer the fly with I strobe light or something to enhance its visibility.


  1. Hi folks, I've been gone for a while. Looks like there might have been a glitch with the ability comment on blog posts. Not sure what happened. My apologies. Les.

    Walt…..thanks for the email. Looks like it may be next year before the beetles come out of the fly box again.


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