A Bird Hunter's Table

I hold in my hands a new cookbook that may be of interest to bird hunters.  Other than to say that it's nicely done, I'll not provide a review.  Why?  Well, I'm biased, the author is a family friend.  Sarah Davies, my wife Jo, and their pack of Brittanys have been hunting buddies for a long time. I've occasionally tagged along on their hunting forays as a cheerleader and photographer.

This summary is from Sarah's Facebook page……...
I have recently published a new cookbook, A Bird Hunter’s Table. A Bird Hunter’s Table is about cooking, eating, and sharing friendship. It is also about gundogs, gamebirds, and getting outside to enjoy the land. A Bird Hunter’s Table includes over 130 recipes, stories from the field, and smattering of natural history. To learn more, see a sample of the book, or to purchase…..

The web link provides a good feel for the layout of the book.  Did I say it's nicely done?