September, here again.  We're on the cusp of another season change.  It won't change today though. It's supposed to be in the nineties. It's the opening day of mountain grouse season in Montana. Out of tradition, we may get out for a couple of hours early on today.

Regarding changes.  I purchased a domain name ( the other day.  I promptly managed to take the blog offline.  Thankfully, the folks at Namecheap got me squared away.

The new issue of Northwest Fly Fishing may be of interest.  It contains some steelhead content with a Grande Ronde photo essay and a piece on the Clearwater River in Idaho.  Perhaps of greater personal interest is a biography of Sheridan Anderson, author of the Curtis Creek Manifesto.  I've always thought it to be the best fly fishing primer on the market, and still open it on occasion, if for no reason other than a good chuckle.

I picked up some beading wire at Walmart yesterday.  I plan to tie a few simple steelhead flies with stinger hooks.  Even though I prefer traditional ties, I do see the advantages of the stingers.

I'm also getting antsy to get my pontoon back in the water.  With the gradually cooling nights, daytime water temperatures should begin to moderate.  Fish activity and the fishing should perk up. First, I think that I'll get one of those air pumps that runs off of the car cigarette lighter.  My back is beginning to show less enthusiasm for bending over while using a hand pump to inflate the pontoon.